IPTVPORTAL is a platform for providers of IPTV and OTT solutions.

In addition to content, all IPTV and OTT providers need two more technical components that are absolutely indispensable. They are the content protection system (CAS/DRM) and the Middleware system. IPTVPORTAL is a platform offering these systems as a cloud service.

IPTVPORTAL is used by service providers, aggregators, and content providers to build their pay TV distribution solutions (see the Standard Solutions section).

More than 100 service providers use IPTVPORTAL in their solutions.

Advantages of IPTVPORTAL

1. Quick launch

Speed is a vital factor in the modern world. Market leaders always outperform their competitors at different levels. This is the source of their leadership. The race is never-ending. While some are only designing a bicycle, others have built it already. You can rent it from us. All that is left for you to do is join the race.

2. Zero investment

The fact that you don't have the financial resources of major corporations does not eliminate you from competition. While they spend bucket-loads of cash, you can cut your costs with the help of our platform. The price of the admission ticket has decreased from millions of rubles to just a few thousand.

3. Technical support

Supporting modern systems is a job for trained professionals. Human resources are the biggest asset, and a virtual headhunt is on for the best of the best. We have put together a top-class team with extensive industry expertise. While managing, servicing, and constantly perfecting the platform, our professionals basically work for you.

4. Free software upgrades

In the classical model of software sales, there always comes a time when previously installed software becomes obsolete. To keep up with the competition, you have to upgrade old software. This entails new capital investments and the cost of replacing an old solution with a new one. That's not how things work with our cloud platform. All new versions are uploaded to the cloud automatically while old software versions continue to run. You don't have to pay for anything. The upgrade to the new version is performed quickly. The service provider only needs to specify the right settings on the administration panel. The changes can be rolled back at any time. Our key offer to customers is a chance to keep up with the times and always offer subscribers only the latest and most advanced solutions.

How to connect

Send your request for a free trial to support@iptvportal.ru.


The IPTVPORTAL platform was released to market in 2011. Developed by A.R.E.S. (Automatic Radio Electronic Systems LLC), it is the world's first solution to offer the Middleware and CAS/DRM systems as a cloud service.

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